The Guestlogix WebView is one of the many ways you can reach your customers where they are, across all phases of the traveler journey. The WebView is a white-labelled experience of the Travel Commerce Platform that is optimized for viewing through the web on any device. This can be displayed in a number of different ways, but some of the key channels include:


Send a personalized link via email through a marketing automation platform or CRM.


A URL that can be viewed in the web browser of a mobile device


A URL that can be viewed in the web browser of a desktop computer.

Web Widget

A small snippet of code that can be added to any web page.

When to Use the Guestlogix WebView

With a WebView implementation, you will gain the ability to use the Guestlogix platform and content marketplace offerings on a wider range of platforms with low implementation effort that is compatible with any platform or framework.
The value that the WebView solution provides is:

  1. Multi-Channel - Reach passengers in all stages of their travel journey faster with a responsive view that works on any device.

  2. Primary Method of Access - With a large percentage of travelers using their desktop the web as their primary device for booking their trip, meet the customers where they are with the WebView.

  3. Quick to Deploy - Easily and rapidly deploy the Guestlogix platform with minimal development and technical overhead.

Implementation Methods

With all of the channels that the Guestlogix WebView supports, only 2 implementation methodologies are required:

Landing Page

The Landing Page can be accessed through a URL to direct travelers to your custom branded content catalog through many channels like email, website, and social media posts.

Personalization of the catalog can be achieved by passing itinerary information using simple URL query string parameters. Most widely used marketing automation platforms have the ability to pre-fill these parameters when sending out email communications to your users.

Web Widget

The Web Widget is a small snippet of code that is used to bring the brandable Guestlogix content catalog into any webpage via an iframe. This embedded view is responsive and supports a wide range of screen sizes.

Passing traveler itinerary information is simple and uses query string parameters in the iframe URL.


To add the look and feel of your brand to the WebView, you will need to send us the following:

  • Logo - This is an image that will appear in a few places in your WebView when users visit the landing page either directly or through a Web Widget, so you will need to supply two sizes.

    • Requirements:

      • Both in landscape orientation

      • One logo that is 840px in height

      • Another logo that is 1260px in height

  • Primary and Secondary Colors - These will be used for various elements like buttons and links.

    • Requirements:

      • 2 colors - one primary and one secondary

      • Suitable for use on a white background (no light colors)

      • Formatted in RGB or HEX codes

  • URL - The URL that your users will use to access your WebView directly.

    • Requirements:

      • Guestlogix Issued URL (Recommended)
        By default, Guestlogix will supply a subdomain customizable in the format: [your-company-name].guestlogix.com As this URL is owned and issued by Guesltogix, it is the quickest to implement as it requires no IT resources from your end.

      • Custom Subdomain
        With the right resources from your IT team assisting with the configuration, a custom domain is a relatively easy process. For a custom domain, you will need to provide us with some necessary information to initialize the process, then we work through the security certificates, and DNS set up together.

Content Configuration

Supply us with up to 10 top destinations that your airline flies to and we will use this info to configure your WebView so that that the right content gets prioritized in the user interface. 

Providing our system with some destinations of interest will also act as seed data for our Recommendation Engine to ensure a better experience on day one for travelers using your mobile app. 

We encourage airlines to further customize the starter content to seed further recommendations in areas such as:

  • Crew picks

  • Top-rated activities

  • Highlighted activities

If you need further assistance, please contact us at support@guestlogix.com