Out of the box, our recommendation engine provides context-based recommendations using a few key data points including geolocation, time, weather, and flight information. Our algorithms then combine this data with traveler information such as previous purchases and ratings, while cross analyzing with similar users to effectively recommend high-converting products. Using timely notifications, personalized offers are presented to passengers to explore and purchase at each stage of their journey. 

Over time the machine learning will continue to evolve to meet the needs of your business and your passengers. The value of this functionality will be seen through increased revenue and improved passenger experience as more relevant, personalized offers are served up to passengers.


While no configuration steps are absolutely necessary, we do recommend that each airline provide up to 10 top destinations for us to use in the initial configuration of your application.

Providing our system with some destinations of interest will act as seed data for our Recommendation Engine to ensure a better experience on day one for travelers using your mobile app. 


  • Items similar to what is in view
  • Flight detail based suggestions
  • Top-rated activities
  • Staff picks
  • Items similar to past activity
  • Popular activities
  • Activites near me
  • Personalized search - nearest to you
  • And more...