Guestlogix solutions are built to target the specific needs of the airlines and travelers that we work with. Depending on your starting point, there are different recommended solutions for your project. 

Here are the 4 main deployment options that we provide:

White Label Application (WLA)

This ready built, easily customizable option is ideal for: 

  • Those who do not have a current mobile application 
  • Those who have an interest in creating a stand-alone application for their Loyalty Members
  • Those looking to run a pilot program with Guestlogix on a smaller user segment (eg. destination, user persona, demographic, mobile platform, etc).


This option is a great catch-all option for airlines with an existing, or upcoming mobile application. Our SDK is built out in a native layer on both iOS and Android. The SDK supports the passing of information from the airline app to the Guestlogix platform through the use of rules on the initialize function of the SDK. This will ultimately allow the Guestlogix SDK to better serve the traveler by allowing the airline to pass basic data about the traveler to fuel the Recommendations Engine.


This option is great for implementations where we are unable to achieve the goals of the project and the airline through the use of either the WLA or the SDK. Examples of this could include custom implementations into platforms that could support a classic HTTP request like the infotainment systems in the backs of the airline seats, or mobile and web applications that are built on frameworks like React Native, Flutter, AngularJS, etc.

Web View (coming soon)

Fit for use on any device, this is an easy to implement web-based view with a very low implementation cost that is compatible with any platform or framework. The Guestlogix web view will allow you to display a responsive web view of the Guestlogix platform on your website or inside your mobile app. This option also supports an enhanced traveler experience through support of URL parameters that will enable the Guestlogix Recommendation Engine to provide more relevant information and offers to the traveler.